to K's World

"Show us what your world looks like."
All right, I will.
"Tell us who you are."
I will tell you everything.
"Make us see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, touch it."
No problem.
"What does it feel like to be the one?"
The one...?
"The one in charge."
But I'm not in charge.
"Yes, you are."
"We're your words. Use us."
I don't think I...
"Yes, you can. You're the one."
"Without you, we don't exist."
"We await your chewed plastic stick pen,
unborn children in the heaven
of your unrecorded thoughts."
"Teach us how it feels:
* to be defined by numbers
* to breathe without assistance
* to stroke the cat who climbed on the diningroom table
(bad kitty ::purr::) just to lie close to you.
"From around the world,
We will travel to serve you."
Gather closely around me.
"We are here. Use us."
My world looks like..


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Karen was a Featured Poet at the Library of Congress for their Poetry at Noon Series, December 1999, "End of the Century: Millennium." This was the Library of Congress' last poetry reading of the 20th Century, held at the Mary Pickford Theatre, Madison Building, Washington, DC. 


She received the Evelyn Cole Peters Poetry Award, the top national literary award of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) for her poem, "If I Had Been There." The award was presented by the DAR President-General at the DAR Continental Congress at Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, in April 2000. 


Her poetry has been published in numerous print and online magazines and journals. As time permits, Karen is working on an interactive full-length poetry manuscript, which she plans to publish on DVD. Meanwhile, her literary agent is valiantly attempting to sell her first novel.


Shadyvale Press is the former home of the Shadyvale online poetry magazine and the Poetry Contest.


Copyright 2014 by Karen Thompson