Miss Scarlett

My cat is young again
in her new three-story house,
so many surfaces, clear
windows to worlds on worlds.
She tests the
texture of carpet, tile, and sofa -
Sunbeam for napping to dream the hunt.
Miss Scarlett is happy
to have traveled through many
states to this place of wonders -
I'll feed birds in her honor
and for her amusement,
Seeing that she has assumed
her rightful place as
Queen Cat of the Universe,
benevolent ruler of hearts
along this stream of ways.
At every level, a refuge
awaits, the spot that is hers.
Miss Scarlett {{{purrs}}} and dreams,
and wakes to delightful feasts
fancily prepared to meet
with her dainty tastes.
She moves closer to me each day;
We are joined in our mutual regard.
I want to be her angel,
as she has been mine,
and make of her life
a joy uninterrupted.
We traveled far -
from small dark rooms to
space and light:
Miss S will thrive on love
And teach me how
to change with grace.

Copyright 2001 by Karen Thompson
previously published in Wish Women Poetry Forum

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