Something happened to me in 1994,
and I don't know what it was,
but everything was
different after that.
And I couldn't explain it,
but I knew that I would
decide to live longer in this body,
And I was so puzzled
after years of sorrow --
So I decided that angels had saved me.
And I could almost (not quite)
remember being introduced to them.
They manifested in a row in the light
And I walked from each to the next
Like the story of my life
being told back to me
in terms I could finally comprehend
(i.e., in a linear fashion).
"Listen, while we explain:
We were always here all along,
helping, guiding,
Angels, people, various cats,
Characters in books,
Songs and rhythms,
Digital dreams,
Images recorded on film --
No wings, no lace,
Take all you want
of love.
Please don't die, and don't give up --
You don't decide when the game's over --
We'll decide.
We'll be your angels.
We won't let you fail;
We'll get you all the way back."

Copyright 2001 by Karen Thompson

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