All-Souls Heart

Lay the struggle down.
For one day,
remember how it felt
to be merry and unafraid,
making music and love
with equal abandon,
allowing your feet to move
in the unchoreographed
patterns of life's joyful mysteries.
Adorn yourself
in vintage remnants
of a more innocent time -
Deck your hair with feathers, flowers
and tiny enamelled butterflies,
wear the silver Mexican
bangles from the chili goddess
and the Puerto Rican seed bracelet,
the McGovern and don't eat
Zuni fetish necklaces decking
your black shirt,
braids wrapped in leather thongs,
flowered skirt whipped
around under a faded denim vest
with satin ribbons, a tambourine,
a peace sign - and
make love, not war -
and the last of the moccasins,
green suede with fringe.
Don't forget
to paint the smiley face on your cheek -
and don't forget
your mantra -
all you ever really need is love.
Allow the world to see you.
All will be well. Peace,
and Blessed Be.

Copyright 2001 by Karen Thompson

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