1 and 0

I know:
my birth date (by Gregorian calendar)
my birth time (by Greenwich mean)
my place of birth (by longitude and latitude),
and the numerological value
of my given (Christian) name.

I know:
my grade point average (GPA),
my social security number (SSN),
my license plate and the date it expires,
my computer (PC) password,
my shoe size (8B)
my credit rating (don't ask),
my ATM pin number,
and the RX number for my migraine medicine.

I know:
the current time
and today's date -
and the day of the week -
and the year as well.

And I know:
my area code,
my phone number,
my fax number,
my voice mail number (with its own password),
my mother's phone number,
my son's phone number,
and all our addresses, too (including zip codes).

And I know:
my employer's phone number -
and address -
and my email address
and that of three friends and a cousin.

And I know:
my coffee filter number -
and that number two will work
if number four's sold out.

But I don't know:
the number of days I will live on this planet,
the number of hours until life makes sense,
the number of minutes it takes for a blue train,
or the number of stops between here and home.

And I don't know:
the number of mornings I'll wake up smiling,
the number of poems I'll try to write,
the number of calories I'll eat today,
or the number of stairs I'll climb before dawn.

My baby loves the binary bounce -
That algorithmic rhythm -
One zero one zero zero one one
Words and numbers - doesn't matter -
Churn them up and they are always -
One zero one zero zero one one
English, Spanish, French, and German -
Physics, wormholes, quarks, and lasers -
One zero one zero zero one one
Garbage in and garbage out -
Waltz and polka, twist and shout -
One zero one zero zero one one

Turn it off, and go outside.

Copyright 2001 by Karen Thompson

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