In My Garden

In my garden
lies the afternoon
I decided to singlehandedly save the planet.

In my garden
lies the fantasy prototype
of my son's future basil farm.

In my garden
are my hopes for two hundred bulbs
that weren't planted deeply enough.

I wanted immortality,
only it was all sold out,
so instead I got a twist of fate -
but that's okay -
I can get immortality next year
'cause my mom knows where to find it.

In my garden
lies an indestructible
patch of peppermint,
a few wild strawberries,
a maple tree,
one wandering jew,
and two azaleas,
along with ten thousand dandelions,
a dance of daddy long-legs,
and I don't know
how many rolypolies.
I haven't seen any lizards.

In my garden
sand shifts under patio bricks,
and a small grey tiger sniffs the air.

In my garden
lie the frozen bodies
of last summer's peppers
and two whirly-winged flamingos
named Elvis and Marilyn.

In my garden
are a push mower,
two metal folding chairs,
and secret tears that heal.

Love, come closer.
You already have
everything you need.
Just put down roots -
and grow.

Copyright 2001 by Karen Thompson
previously published in Wish Women Poetry Forum

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