Travelin' Woman Blues

Lord I'm tired,
but I won't quit;
I know the way,
and this is it:
Martin Luther
Morse code
Birds' nest
Adam & Eve
Back to school
Fair trade
Jamie Mac
Ride that horse
Kay to 'ell
Moonlight in Vermont
Oh say do you
believe in
Magic bears in t-shirts
Bottle blondes
Left & push
9 for the
Promised Land.
{{{deep breath}}}
I had to choose
I got them Travelin' Woman Blues

Verse 1:
Won't you come closer, there's no air,
So little room from here to there;
The coats and gloves are all the same,
In uniform to play the game.
(march, march)
Verse 2:
Don't look, don't talk, don't turn around,
And when they ask, don't make a sound;
Just stand in line and move on through,
We've all got better things to do.
(right, right)
Lord I'm tired, etc.
.....know the way.....
(don't forget)
.....had to choose them Travelin' Woman Blues
(one more time)              
[oh no, not again]


Copyright 2001 by Karen Thompson

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